La Bible Louis Segond 21

Dieu est toujours disposé à vous parler. Il vous parle à travers la Bible, mais êtes-vous prêt à l’écouter?

Et voilà, c’est déjà le moment d’entendre le message de Dieu: Nous vous offrons une application très simple e intuitive, afin de vous faciliter la lecture de la Bible en ligne sur votre portable!


Vous trouverez une version gratuite de la Bible Segond 21, la traduction de la Bible basée sur la version de Louis Segond, pasteur et théologien suisse qui a traduit la Bible en français à la fin du 19e siècle.

La version Segond 21 a été publiée pour la première fois en 2007. L’objectif était créer une version française en langue moderne, pour les jeunes et adolescents du siècle 21, mais toujours fidèle aux textes originaux.

Facile d’utilisation, cette nouvelle appli ne nécessite pas de connexion à Internet. Vous pourrez alors lire la Bible hors ligne, une fois celle-ci téléchargée.

Complete Jewish Bible

This app provides the Complete Jewish Bible translation into English by David H. Stern. The best translation for Jews and non-Jews.

Enjoy this unique Bible Version with names and key terms in original Hebrew and presented in easy-to-read English transliterations.


David H. Stern was an American professor and writer who translated the Holy Bible into English. His translation was published in 1998 and consists of a revision of the Old Testament (Tanakh) and original Jewish New Testament (B’rit Hadashah).

His purpose was to make a Jewish Bible close to the original Jewish context and culture and in easy and modern English.

Download this Bible, different from all other Bibles, a version fully Jewish in style and presentation.

Bíblia para celular

A melhor Bíblia em português está esperando por você: Faça o download da Bíblia JFA, João Ferreira Almeida, a Bíblia tradicional em português para ler no seu dispositivo Android.

João Ferreira de Almeida nasceu em Portugal por volta de 1628. Foi um pastor, missionário e tradutor das Escrituras Sagradas durante a segunda metade do século XVII.


A Tradução de João Ferreira é a preferida pelos leitores evangélicos e protestantes no Brasil.

Baixe e instale o nosso aplicativo para ler a Bíblia em português, escolha o livro que você deseja ler e seja muito abençoado com a Sagrada Palavra de Deus.

Com um visual muito atrativo, você pode ler e estudar a Bíblia a qualquer momento do dia, mesmo sem conexão a Internet e compartilhar seus versículos favoritos com os seus amigos no Facebook, Twitter o e-mail. Além disso, tem a possibilidade de selecionar um tamanho mais grande da letra para ler mais comodamente.

Bible King James

Want to take the Living Bible with you everywhere and enjoy its verses and Psalms? Download this free app on your mobile device, a complete version of the Holy Bible King James, the most influential Bible off all time.

The Bible King James or Authorized Version of the King James is a translation of the Bible into English published in 1611. This Bible had an enormous impact on subsequent Bibles translations into English and English Literature in general. It’s called King James Version in United States and Authorized Version in the United


Share God´s Word, study the Holy Bible and read it whenever you feel so. Feel closer to God than ever and meditate through its verses.

Live a unique experience feeling truly at peace with yourself and loving God above all. Enjoy the harmony and tranquility that only the Bible can give you and experience the joy of being close to God.

Baptist Bible

If you’re looking for a Bible recognized by the Baptist Church, Baptist Bible app is perfect for you!

Baptist is one of the largest denominations of Christian Protestantism. As indicated by their name, the primary Baptist distinctive is their practice of believer’s baptism. Today there are about 43 million Baptists worldwide.


The baptist Church has its origin in the XVI century. They apparently emerged out of the Puritan-Separatist movement in the Church of England.
Baptists originated in England in a time of intense religious reform. They proclaimed the faith of the New Testament as first given by Jesus and his apostles. Since then they have spread their teachings and churches in many lands and many cultures.

They have had a higher growth in the Unites States, where they are the majority Protestant branch, with approximately 33 million of followers.

American Standard Bible Free

Do you like to read the Bible on your phone? Download our app with the American Standard Version, for free.

The Standard American Edition of the Bible, commonly known as the ASV, American Standard Version, was released for the first time in 1900. Also known as The American Revision of 1901 because it’s a revision of the King James Version of 1611.


It is also called in America the “Standard Bible”. It’s the work of a group of scholars from the United States and UK. Work began on the ASV in 1872 and finished in 1901. The mission was to provide an accurate, literal, word for word translation of the Bible.

This translation was attractive in the scholarly environment, and the American Standard Version was adopted as the standard version used by many American seminaries.

The ASV was the basis of several Bible translations such us the Revised Standard Version, the Amplified Bible and the New American Standard Bible.